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Civil Law

Legal persons

Incorporation, reorganization, transformation, bankruptcy procedures of legal persons, preparation of internal and external documents of legal persons, legal audit of legal persons, competition law and other legal services

Transport law

Contracts and other legal documentations. Consultation of Lithuanian and foreign carriers about national and international legislation, detention of vehicles and goods, and loss of goods. Representation of clients’ interests in insurance legal and judicial disputes.



Consultation about payment of insurance benefits, reimbursement of damage caused in traffic accident, adjudgment of losses on the ground of subrogation, CMR insurance, CASCO insurance, compulsory third party insurance and professional liability insurance, third party insurance of general commercial activities and management bodies.


Marriage dissolution, separation, nuptial contract, child’s maintenance, issues of paternity’s determination and other legal services


Preparation, conclusion and execution of contracts, responsibility arising from contracts, individual types of contracts (sale-purchase, public procurements, concession, labour and works, rent, franchise, distribution, loan, services, joined venture (partnership), representation, peace, lease, exchange, gift, etc.)



Movable and immovable property (buildings, land), management, usage, disposal, mortgage, pledge of such property, acquisition/assignment of ownership rights, legal relations of co-owners, property rights (intellectual property) and other legal services


Inheritance according to will, statutory inheritance, acceptance of inheritance, interrelations between heirs and other legal services

Administrative Law

Legal services

Legal services in relations between entities of public administration and between entities of public administration and private entities (in the areas of tax, land, forests, construction, civil service, etc.)

Legal services with regard to administrative offences

Criminal Law

Legal services

Legal services in defence of natural and legal persons and representation of natural persons in the criminal proceedings in accordance with legal provisions of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania related to defence of human health, dignity and honour, immunity or private life, property, property rights and interests, intellectual and industrial property, economics and business procedure, financial system, civil service and public interests, etc.

Other areas

    • Legal services in legal labour relations
  • Legal services in legal insurance relations
  • Legal services in biolaw (personal health care, public health, pharmaceutical activity, etc.)
  • Legal services in tax law area
We consult, represent, prepare contracts, procedural and other documents, and provide legal conclusions.Ieva Darande, Partner